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  • Title VII’s application to LGBTQIA issues
  • EEOC’s proposed guidance on retaliation
  • Pregnancy and sex discrimination
  • McDonnell Douglas and Nassar “but-for” causation
  • Statements to harasser to stop conduct
  • Causal connection to Sarbanes-Oxley cases
  • Abuse of discretion
  • Requirement of objective evidence in disability cases
  • Wrongful discharge
  • Whistleblowing
  • Uniform Written Obligations Act
  • Violation of employer’s rules, sleeping on the job
  • Two-prong Derk test

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  • Detailed breakdown of key state and federal statutes
  • Systematic scrutiny of pivotal Pennsylvania & Third Circuit decisions—over 2000 cases cited!
  • Tips for handling workplace investigations and 6 ways to attack the investigation
  • Sample interrogatories and document requests
  • Checklist for employers to avoid discrimination and other claims

Summary of Contents

  1. Statutory Discrimination (EEO) Protections
  2. Theories of Discrimination
  3. Other Sources of Statutory Employment Claims
  4. Common-Law Rights and Protections
  5. Interviewing and Hiring
  6. Terms and Conditions of Employment
  7. Termination of Employment, Reductions in Force
  8. Employer Defenses
  9. Retaliatory Discharge and Whistleblowers
  10. Post-Employment Restrictions
  11. Remedies
  12. Avoiding Discrimination and Other Employment-Related Claims
  13. Unemployment Compensation

Index of Cases
Index of Statutes
Subject Index

Page Count: 714

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*Association for Continuing Legal Education Administrators

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This resource is available as an e-book. Modernize your legal library for in-depth research on the go!

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Pennsylvania Employment Law Deskbook, Third Edition (Includes Thumb Drive)
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