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Authored by over 30 experts in the field of federal appeals, this practical guide explores appellate practice in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.  Topics addressed include: operation of the clerk’s office, mediation, electronic filing, preserving issues, motion practice, the scope and standard of review, brief writing, oral argument, post-judgment proceedings, specialized appeals, and more.  Includes a detailed table of contents, indexes, and searchable thumb drive.

Summary of Contents

Part I: Introduction to the Third Circuit and Administrative Functions

  • Operation of the Clerk’s Office
  • Appellate Mediation
  • Electronic Filing

Part II: Getting Started

  • Now That the Trial Is Over: Preserving Issues on Appeal in the Federal Court System
  • Should I Appeal? Ethical and Practical Issues
  • May I Appeal? Basics of Appellate Jurisdiction and Writ Relief
  • Should I Retain Appellate Counsel?
  • Persons Who May Take or Participate in Appeals
  • The Initial Steps
  • The Record on Appeal and the Appendix
  • Motion Practice
  • Federal Court Certification of State Law Questions

Part III: The Heart of the Matter

  • Standards of Review
  • The Significance of Precedent and Identifying and
  • Selecting the Issues
  • Brief Writing—In General
  • Brief Writing—Formal and Technical Requirements
  • Amicus Briefs
  • Oral Argument

Part IV: Post-Judgment Proceedings

  • Petitions for Rehearing
  • Costs, Judgment, and Mandate Issues
  • Certiorari
  • Frivolous Appeals and Sanctions
  • The Effect of the Appellate Court Decision

Part V: Specialized Appeals

  • Criminal Appeals and Habeas Corpus
  • Immigration Appeals
  • Bankruptcy Appeals

Part VI: Pro Bono Representations and Appointments

Part VII: Unique Perspectives of Lawyer Turned Judge and Judge Turned Lawyer

Part VIII: Indexes

Table of Cases

Table of Rules and Statutes

Subject Index


Number of Pages:  730

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December 01, 2016
Third Circuit Appellate Practice Manual, Third Edition (Includes Thumb Drive)
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James C. Martin Esq., Editor
Nancy Winkelman Esq., Editor
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