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  • 37 chapters take you through claims and the steps in the adjudication process
  • Also covers the Pennsylvania Occupational Disease Act, the Heart and Lung Act, and other compensation statutes
  • “Comments” and “Practice Tips” throughout the chapters caution and advise you
  • Quick-reference charts summarize applicable forms and sections of the Act
  • Straightforward tables provide facts and case citations for major issues and fact-specific situations
  • Chapters addressing change of status are organized by moving party/petition
  • Specific loss chapter includes charts listing the statutory section, nature of injury, benefit period, and healing period
  • Covers the latest amendments to the Workers’ Compensation Act
  • Explains filing and service of documents, including electronic filing and service


  • NEW—the entire book is on searchable thumb drive as well as in hard copy
  • 15 handy and practical appendices (over 300 pages), updated for 2016
  • Index of cases, statutory index, and subject matter index
  • Detailed table of contents to help you find what you need quickly

Summary of Contents

Part One: Claims Law

  • Legislative History and Amendments
  • Exclusive Remedy and Principles of Immunity
  • Claim: Jurisdiction, Notice, and Statute of Limitations
  • Claim: Employment Relationship
  • Claim: Definition of Injury
  • Claim: Causal Relationship (“Related Thereto")
  • Claim: Course and Scope of Employment
  • Claim: Exclusions
  • Occupational Disease Claims
  • Procedures to Obtain Benefits
  • Average Weekly Wage
  • Wage Loss Benefits and Overpayments
  • Specific Loss Benefits
  • Offsets, Credits, and Subrogation
  • Medical Benefits
  • Utilization Review Process
  • Reporting Obligations, Employee Verifications, and Sanctions
  • Interest, Costs, and Counsel Fees
  • Penalties
  • Third-Party Subrogation
  • Child Support, Judgments, Liens, Bankruptcy, Insolvency, and Uninsured Employers
  • Heart and Lung Act and Other Compensation Statutes

Part Two: Change of Status

Section A: Employer-Initiated Change

  • Physical Examinations (IMEs), Expert Interviews, and Impairment Rating Evaluations (IREs)
  • Supersedeas and Supersedeas Fund Reimbursement
  • Termination or Cessation of Benefits
  • Suspension of Benefits
  • Modification of Benefits
  • Employer Petition to Review

Section B: Employee-Initiated Change

  • Reinstatement After Termination or Final Receipt
  • Reinstatement After Modification or Suspension
  • Employee Petition to Review

Section C: Settlement

  • Settlement

Part Three: Evidentiary Matters

  • General Evidentiary Principles
  • Medical Evidence

Part Four: Practice Before the WCJ

  • Practice Before the WCJ

Part Five: Appellate Practice

  • Proceedings Before the WCAB
  • Proceedings Before the Appellate Courts

Part Six: Appendices

  • Board, Bureau, and Office of Adjudication Information and Personnel
  • WCJ Rules
  • WCAB Rules
  • Bureau Rules and Regulations
  • Act 57 Regulations, with Act 53 Amendments
  • Medical Cost Containment Regulations
  • Workers' Compensation Rate Table
  • Workers' Compensation Automation and Integration System (WCAIS)
  • List of Current Workers' Compensation Forms
  • Internet Resources for Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Practitioners
  • Pennsylvania Heart and Lung Act
  • Course and Scope of Employment—Section 301(c)(1)
  • Statutory Index and Purdon’s Conversion Chart
  • Table of Cases
  • Subject Matter Index

Number of Pages: 930

PA Workers' Comp

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