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B Corporations are trending upwards: Ben & Jerry’s, Method, Kickstarter, Patagonia, Etsy. They are found in 130 industries and in more than 40 countries. So what exactly is a B Corp? In a B Corp, the directors and officers must consider all key stakeholder interests when deciding business strategy, action or inaction, not just shareholder returns. By doing so, B Corps fill the gap between nonprofit corporations and traditional, profit-maximizing business enterprises. For B Corps, profitability remains very important, but for different reasons. Profitability is utilized to impart a public benefit before the B Corp entrepreneur determines its bottom line and return on equity. 

Recorded during a live webinar in January 2016, this course begins with a foundational understanding of B Corps and covers the key components comprising the new business model. The session ends with a checklist for spotting a B Corp entrepreneur and the documents needed to paper the formation of a start-up B Corp business entity.


OL 3323

Product Information
Product Date:
January 26, 2016
Publication Time:
1 hour
B Corporations: A New Business Model for the Balanced Entrepreneur (w/credit)
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Jeanne Lofgren Esq.   [ view bio ]
OL 3323
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Pennsylvania CLE
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