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Collapse The Emerging Retiree (Philadelphia, Simulcasts, Live Webcast)

Get a road map for the future

Estate planning attorney and Chartered Financial Consultant Guy Matthews will give those looking to retire an overview of what to expect and ways to plan for those “golden years.”
He’ll explain:

  • How to maximize Social Security benefits as well as savings, IRAs and other retirement plans
  • Rules for qualified plan distributions, withdrawals, minimum distributions, deferred compounding and beneficiary designations


Find answers to your questions

  • Should you change your investment strategies, re-allocate your assets and continue to work beyond age 65?
  • What are the advantages of life insurance and rollover IRAs?
  • How can you coordinate Social Security benefits with existing IRA and 401(k) accounts?
  • What’s the impact of Social Security benefits, early retirement and delayed retirement on your retirement plan options?


Program Sponsor: PBA Elder Law Section



Formats Available: Attend In-Person, Live Webcast + Streaming, Simulcast
Original Product Date: December 04, 2017
On-Demand Release Date: Available Now

Approved Credit:
  • PA CLE: 3.00 hours Substantive Credits

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    Collapse The Warren Court (w/credit)


    From 1953 to 1969, the United States Supreme Court under the leadership of Chief Justice Earl Warren issued scores of opinions which had and still have a profound impact on the American legal system and American society.  Many of the opinions were controversial when issued and a few remain controversial today as Americans still argue about the proper role of the Supreme Court in American society.  Racial segregation, national security, criminal procedure, the incorporation theory, legislative apportionment, state-church relations, defamation law, the Commerce Clause, and the right of privacy were some of the issues which the Court addressed often to the chagrin of many Americans. 


    Topics include:

    • The Legacy of Brown
    • The Warren Court: National Security and Individual Rights
    • Emergence of the Doctrine of Unconstitutional Conditions
    • Criminal Procedure and the Warren Court's Legacy: The Bill of Rights, the Incorporation Theory and the Road Ahead
    • Political Judging
    • Removing State-Sponsored Religion from the Public Schools
    • Revolutionizing Defamation Law: New York Times v. Sullivan and Beyond
    • The Warren Court and an Expansive Commerce Clause: Whither Federalism?
    • The Fate of the Family in the Griswold Era
    • Panel Discussion and Q & A



    OL 3812

    Formats Available: Streaming
    Original Product Date: July 14, 2017
    On-Demand Release Date: Available Now

    Approved Credit:
  • PA CLE: 3.00 hours Substantive Credits, 1 hour Ethics Credits

  • MORE INFOMORE INFO The Warren Court (w/credit)